Friday, June 1, 2012

Last Day :(

Well....."Schools out for SUMMER!!" Even so, I am such a dork that I'm a little bummed.  As you near the last few weeks of the school year, your thoughts switch to the new school year.  It's only natural, how and what you'd do differently next year, what you'll do the same that worked well this year, finding new ideas, etc.  By the time you actually shut your room down you've gained so much momentum finishing up file  folder games, or organizational things that you've played with all year-you're bummed its over!  At least I am and this is my theory.  hahahah
  This year my class was full of children that had enormous hearts. So loving and so thoughtful I really will miss this group-time went to fast this year.  One of my students, first thing this morning says "This is the saddest day of the year-the last day of school"  so sweet.
  Of course I will be swinging by this weekend to knock out some covering of bookshelves, etc and finish putting everything away.  My students cleaned their desk inside and out for me (gotta love shaving cream!) I also had a few super duper cleaners help me clean off the shelves (seriously-someone taught these kids some serious cleaning skills!) One boy was explaining to one of my girls how to be sure and wipe the sides and back of the shelves!  So cute, so helpful.  Will miss them all, but can't wait to see them go through school excelling all the way!  :)  They were truly some rockin' stars!