Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Thoughts!

I am a optimist through and through.  There is not a silver lining I cannot find.  With that said, even with overwhelming days I stop to remind myself of the positives.  Today I certainly stopped a few times!  At the end of the day when we are lining up for Special area and I am filled with irritation as my class is so LOUD -I realize I can't have it all.  At least they all cleaned up (and from a science experiment at that!) had ROYALs on their desk and were in line, yes even in line.  If you HEARD the class you would not believe they were in any way orderly or half way ready, at least we were ready to go and in a line :)
  Even so I did talk with four or five of them as we headed out the door (quietly finally), and clearly was not optimistic in any way.  One of my boys apologized and I did tell him I forgave him but that he should really try harder tomorrow; Sister Marilyn stopped me and whispered "you should just be happy he apologized" So TRUE!