Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Setting it up & Personal home media monitoring sheet FREEBIE

So long summer fun in the sun, so long lazy days & timeless schedules!  It's almost time, and the excitment is mounting.  Oddly I am not ready to begin the process of setting up the classroom and what not-it's taken me years to realize my brain does not function well during "set up" time.  I have even drawn maps and planned out on paper only to rearrange once it was actually set up.  At least this time my hubby has stepped up to the plate and really been helpful.  From annoyingly telling me to get in that room while he's off & able to help with our son to coming in and uncovering and helping me arrange some things.  :)  Finally-it only took about  ten years for him to be this supportive in my teaching career (no joke literally about 10 years!).  I am tempted to rid myself of my desk but I need it for the laptop & paperwork stuff.  Other than that I really don't use it.  I have to connect the laptop to the SMARTboard b/c student computer has no sound (hence being the "student" computer) I'm going crazy trying to set up this part of my room, I have another area where I do my small group stuff....wish me look and any tips are greatly appreciated.

   On another subject-I have been meaning to post a Media Time Limit sheet for those with kiddos at home. It has helped me to keep up with how long my son's sat in front of a screen and given him a visual aid as well.  There were too many times I've sat and balanced bank account, paid bills, etc on the computer and fallen into the "sure" for every "Can I watch another Mickey? SuperWhy? Octonots" etc I laminated the sheet and we color in a star with an expo marker-I'll upload a couple I've made so help yourselves!