Saturday, February 11, 2012

Informational reports

Last week went really well in the classroom, informational reports are finally finished!!!! YEA!!!!!  I so swept them under the rug in December when the kids first started their obsession with reports.  Then, before I knew it this big, enormous "Informational Reports" had evolved.  What could I do?  Obviously if the students' interests led into this teachable moment so to speak, I HAD to roll with it.  As time consuming as it was I think it was worth it.  Now I just have to let those that want to "present" their studies do so.  Next week is a short week so hopefully that will work out well for the sharing.
  I have decided to join the "Teachers Pay Teachers".  When I first saw the site last year-I thought no way!  I'm a teacher.  I don't have the money to be buying activities.  But as I search for new ideas on all the wonderfully awesome teacher blogs, I realized what an idiot I was!  :)  My husband is always irritated with me when I'm doing "school" stuff, why not create, share, and buy with the rest of them.  It's genius actually, no more wasting time searching for specific things, just create myself & then maybe the hubby won't complain if I'm making a couple extra bucks.  AND I won't feel guilty buying up some awesome activities when I stumble upon them.  :) Of course, this all depends on my creating an account and what not.  Here's hoping for a relaxing week with extra time on my hands. :)