Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SMARTBOX and Patty's Day freebie

Yes, I realize that Saturday is St. Patrick's Day so I am CLEARLY late and getting my freebie posted. :(  But hey, it is a FREEBIE! :)  I learned of "smart boxes" from another teacher and conformed them to meet my needs, they're a great go to for early finishers as well as easily prepared holiday and theme activities for Daily 5 or Language Arts centers.  So here's what I did:
create a "directions" page for the box, decorate and label a file folder box (not sure on the actually name for these type of file folders), gather 4-5 student leveled books, and any worksheets that may be needed (I put these in a folder) last but not least if you have and file folder games put them in too!  I've taken some pics of mine, and my St. Patty's Day SMARTbox is free @ my teacher store!  Also, I've uploaded a link to the page for reading comprehension and a great math activity from abcteach.com.  Enjoy!
Reading Comprehension
Pot of Gold